Your purchase on this website is equivalent to overseas purchase. Due to the inconvenience of cross-border goods, replacement is not supported in all after-sales situations!

1. Does the website support 7 days of return without any reason?

Hello, your purchase of goods on this website is the same as overseas purchase. It is subject to the laws of the country where the goods are located and the inconvenience of cross-border goods. This website does not support the return of goods for personal reasons.We recommend that you confirm your order before you submit it.

Ii. If the package you receive conforms to the following conditions, you can apply for return refund within 3 days after receiving the goods:

1. For commodity quality problems, the customer issues the test report or the original certification documents confirmed by the brand as quality problems, and returns the attachments, instructions, shopping vouchers, packaging and commodities together.We will refund the full amount and bear the freight after the customer provides the traceable logistics tracking number.

2. If the goods are damaged during transportation, please provide photos of the outer packing, the express waybill and the goods within 3 working days after receipt of the goods. After confirmation after sale, we will refund the money and bear the freight.If you cannot provide the corresponding photo, it will not be accepted. Please understand.

3. Please contact us within 3 days after receiving the goods, and provide the order number, express waybill, missing/wrong goods and photos of all goods put together to our customer service. After confirmation, the customer service will deal with relevant after-sales services for you.

If your order has the above problem, please contact us as soon as possible.As long as the product is brand new and not in use, we will refund you.We suggest that you take a picture of the problem product and describe it, and send it to us directly through the customer service of WeChat public account or email, so as to identify the problem and send you the specific return

3. The return and refund policy is not applicable to the following commodities:

1. Any product not for sale on this website;

2. The product has been used or damaged/the label/the original protective film has been removed/the product size has been changed;

3. After the time limit of acceptance (if you do not contact the customer service within 3 working days after signing for the receipt, you cannot apply for after-sales service);

4. Due to irresistible factors during transportation, slight damage of the goods will not affect normal use;

5. Any product quality problem is caused by improper use and storage of the customer;

6. For packages and other commodities sold in combination, the return service is only provided for single or multiple commodities that meet the after-sales return and refund standards, not extended to all the commodities in combination.

7. Due to different physical conditions, if you have any allergy to cosmetics/health products/food, please consult your doctor in time. You will not be allowed to return the products for quality problems.

8. The product pictures and information on the web page are for reference only. The color difference between the real product and the promotional pictures on the web page may be caused by the shooting of lights and the color difference of different monitors, which is not a quality problem and cannot be returned;

9. Goods damaged due to personal reasons cannot be returned;

10. Other goods that are not supported by laws or the rules of the Website and the commodity details page shall not be returned.

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